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Constructive Solutions of NC, Inc is owned and operated by Mark D. Marcley. Mark personally handles virtually all types of home improvements and repairs as well as most light commercial alterations such as offices.  Mark and his team understand your needs and challenges when it comes to professional, clean and courteous service.


Constructive Solutions is family owned and operated. Mark, the head carpenter, typically works with his sons, Erik, Dylan or Kristofer and his wife Lynne helps a great deal in the office. Mark’s father Henry, built a lot of homes and did many custom alterations on the home Mark was raised in which is where his career began. Unlike other builders, Mark’s father’s eyesight deteriorated to the point of almost complete blindness which has given Mark a very unique approach to a challenge. Due to his father’s ability, even at 90 years old to handle any challenge in the dark, one of Mark’s favorite lines is, “Don’t ever tell me it can’t be done!”


Mark is also quite conservative. “When we had to do work around the house it wasn’t a quick trip to the lumber yard whenever you needed something. We tried to make do with what we had first.” Being number 7 of 9 children nothing went to waste.


Mark has been dealing with local homes and has gotten quite familiar with many of the issues that are relevant to southeastern NC.  In particuclar moisture and water infiltration.  This can be siding, crawl spaces or just an old fashioned roof leak.  With Mark's 40+ years of experience he will find a Constructive Solution for your needs.


This is just part of the reason Mark is the right contractor for all your construction needs.


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