Mark's Do It Yourslef Background

Solutions Column Makes its Debut September 1996


The Home Improvement Show with my father in 2005

Here is a more nuts and bolts explanation of our DIY service:


If you wanted to remodel your bathroom, there is a substantial amount of the labor that the average homeowner can do. Simply acquiring all the material and getting them on site is a substantial savings, but there is much more you can do. Typically a bathroom remodel begins with demolition. No, you don’t just go in with a sledgehammer and start swinging.


I would go over the order of things to be removed, determine what if anything will be re-used or perhaps given to someone and then go on to the next step which is typically some minor framing. We go over, step by step, the entire bathroom remodel. This is also, by the way, how the job is estimated; step by step in the order that it gets done. While we are going over these steps, we are recording this information on video. (Don’t panic, you do not have to be in it, I will be doing most of the talking.) One benefit of the video is for you to use as a guide when, not if, but when you get stuck and are not sure what to do next. Just simply sit back, take a break and look at the DVD we created for your job. You absolutely cannot and will not find that anywhere else!


You will also have some written plans and specifications to refer to. This system can be applied to almost any repair or remodel you can think of. Some will require more of my assistance and some will require less.


It can be overwhelming simply trying to figure out the best place to buy the various components for a bathroom, kitchen or even a deck. I’ve been in Wilmington almost 16 years; I know the best places for the various materials that go into almost any project.


What about the tools?  You can rent almost anything that might be cost prohibitive to purchase; tools are not an excuse not to do the job.  


I really look forward to working with you, saving you some of your hard earned cash and to help you experience the satisfaction of accomplishing your project, your way!


What is holding you back from doing your own home improvements?


  • Is it access to the materials needed?
  • Is it experience?
  • Is it that you just don’t know where to start?
  • Are you afraid you won’t be able to finish ?
  • Is it because you don’t have the tools?


What if we can guarantee a major savings if you are willing and able to help?




With help in planning, physical help and/or advice along the way, you can accomplish a lot of common projects!


Find out if your project is a “do-it-yourselfer” –

You have nothing to lose and maybe thousands to save! 


**Free initial consultation in which Mark will:

  • see and discuss the details of your repair or remodeling job
  • assess your abilities to accomplish the job
  • provide a step-by-step plan including tools and materials needed
  • provide guidelines for on-site, phone, and internet-based consultation
  • explain in detail how we will create your own how to video for reference


Here are some common projects we can help you with:




         demolition                                     insulation                          

         drywall                                          windows

         doors                                            basic trim

         basic trim                                       roofing

         siding                                             painting 

         electrical                                        plumbing

         concrete                                        hardware  

         wood or laminate flooring              decks

         screening                                       power wasing

         ceramic tile                                    basic framing




  • Don’t let a lack of tools stop you, tools can easily be rented!
  • Don’t let a lack of experience stop you, that’s where Mark comes in!

Rates vary from $30-$60 per hour, depending on level of help required.

(All fees worked out in advance of starting your project.)


No one else in the Cape Fear region has Mark’s credentials to help you with your project to do it your way on your budget! With some unique skills Mark has developed over the years providing help to a diverse do it yourself audience. That has been in the form of a TV program, author of a column and a radio talk show host for 13 years.  When you combine that with over 35 years of on the job experience, Mark can help you get the job done for less! Please see below for a nuts and bolts example.